I did an ‘unintentional’ 40 hour liquid fast (that turned intentional after I was 1/3 if the way there!) and this was my break-fast.

Fresh squeezed lemon, celtic sea salt to taste, & organic evoo:
🐔Eggs from my chickens-made Korean Sauna House style!!
🌱Bok Choy and Dill from my Tower Garden
🧅Homemade pickled red onions

I don’t eat much rice anymore (I used to eat it several times a day, but now I eat it every once in awhile)

I love it, though!
Especially Jasmine rice.
I always get organic.

👉👉Because of an overload of arsenic and heavy metals from all of the pesticides that run off from midwestern totalitarian farming practices. Even organic has arsenic overload.

Did you know arsenic occurs naturally in rice? It does! BUT it’s overloaded, unnaturally, and THAT isn’t good. So, if you’re going to eat rice, at least get as organic as possible!! It’s still the lesser of the pesticide evils.

BACK TO CONGEE…what is it????
It’s a go-to for me!! That’s what!!

It’s like gruel…overcooked rice, if you will. You can eat it both savory or sweet!!



Sauce/Dressing: chicken broth, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, toasted sesame oil

Veggies might include: bok choy, sprouts, shredded cabbage and/or carrots.

Proteins might be: Organic chicken, grassfed/finished or organic beef, organic-sprouted tofu



Sauce/Dressing: raw honey (as organic as possible), maple syrup, fruit compote

Spices: cinnamon, ginger, vanilla extract

Toppings might include: berries, bananas, goji berries, dates


🤢🤮 Congee is a lifesaver, if digestion is weakened or if someone has been really sick and unable to digest foods.

I make this if and when there is any illness in the house….along with the standard miso soup.

I also make this when I hit my tipping point with my inability to digest proteins/meats, etc. from my years of carbed out fatty liver…

Also I have been successful in recommending it to my patients, for almost 20 years!!