Get to Know Briana Sabaj, LAc., MSTOM

Let’s re-calibrate at a cellular level and live to our highest potential, using combinations of Chinese Medicine and natural medicine. In order to truly maintain and achieve optimal health, we must fervently embrace and apply holistic tools and strategies.

Nature Lover. Mom. Wife. Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Educator. Mentor. Speaker. Entrepreneur. Renegade protector and advocate for our land, air, and water. I also speak loudly for those who cannot speak for themselves, particularly of the 4 Legged variety!


At 13, in Earth Science class, I discovered the meaning of the Microcosm within the Macrocosm (What happens outside of us, happens within us; the idea that we are not separate from nature.)  I decided early on, that my life would be dedicated to helping and being of service. 

My mission and focus became clear: to live a life of integrity and alignment with the Earth and its inhabitants, as best as I could, with whatever knowledge I had and to pay it forward. “


and so I did!

  • 2008-Present: Private Practice
  • 2012: First Acupuncturist At Mission Hospital
  • 2020: Founder of Live By The Earth, LLC, &
  • Event Speaker:
    • Mission Hospital, MAHEC, UNCA, SCAOHN

Take a peek into my early years…

I grew up on sugary drinks and sodas, TV dinners, and eating Duncan Hines frosting from the container like it was ice-cream! I would pour pancake syrup in my mouth from the spout, eat 2 bagels a day for breakfast with cream cheese so thick you could see my teeth marks, coupled with a tall glass of orange juice to wash it all down!

I was frequently sick and on antibiotics for many years due to recurring ear infections, strep and other illnesses. I was immersed in, as most of us were, in the conventional food and medical system.


Despite the Western culture immersion, my family led a more natural lifestyle. I was first generation American and we regularly used old-world medicine, mixed in with the ‘new medicine’.

While studying at Teacher’s College, Columbia University, a professor from my natural health class, suggested  I go to School for Chinese Medicine.  Months later, I began studying towards a Master’s Degree of Traditional Oriental Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in NYC & San Diego.


I’ve spent 20+ years implementing holistic approaches, and assisting others to do the same, to navigating working with not only the ‘branch’ of the dis-ease, but the ‘root’ as well.

Acupuncture, Herbal and Nutritional Therapy, Massage and Bodywork Therapy, and Medical Qi Gong. Also using Essential Oils, Visceral Manipulation, Healing Touch Therapy, and Tuning Forks. 

I’m on a mission to guide others on their transformational journeys towards optimal health and wellness, using natural health-care solutions rooted in Chinese and natural medicine. To help others remember the connection and alignment of the body, mind, and spirit is absolutely necessary towards creating and sustaining a healthy, vibrant, and vital life.