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The Home Healers Toolkit Guides Self-Sovereign People to Home-Heal without Western Medicine Side Effects Using Personalized Chinese Medicine Solutions.

Join The Thousands of Others, Who've Used My Proven Strategies to Help them Tap into their Built-In Healing Mechanisms!

🤯💥Wow! That moment when my patient told me she was off 10 medications, since working together!!

 That kind of stopped me in my tracks, when I realized this was the culmination of our time working together. 

This Shifted Everything!

Briana Action Takers Get Results

🪨It felt so solid. (🎶Solid as a rock)
💪🏼She did that. We did that. I helped her do that.

😫At the time, she came to me in desperation!

🪄🧹Not really knowing much about me, other than she heard around this little country town, that there’s this little witch down the street, who helps people feel better, and without western side effects. 

😴 She was too tired to play with her grandkids,🤕 the headaches were preventing her from doing daily living activities, and the ⚡pain she experienced was often times unbearable! 🔥Her feet also burned, frequently, especially after menopause!

💊🤕She was on a cocktail of meds for extreme pain and arthritis, black out migraines, neuropathy, colitis, not to mention her OTCs and breakthrough meds. She also lived the southern- standard American lifestyle.

😫 She felt her life catching up to her, and so were the ailments!! She was a caregiver to many loved ones, who suffered from cancer. 😨 Because of that up close and personal, she was scared to end up the same, and wanted to do better!🛣️ She decided to give herself a different kind of “choose your own adventure,” than those who were sick!!She decided she wanted to live better for her new grandkids!! and for the rest of her life!

I told her I could help!

briana speaker sahon

So, began her journey in shedding those 10 medications (and so much more)!

She didn’t do just the FLUFF work. She did the nitty gritty.

💪🏼⚡She rolled those sleeves up, threw in some elbow grease, and we got to working!


🧬⚡We got to see what her built-in healing mechanisms could do on their own, independently of all the medications she was on for years and years before that!

She felt lighter, smiled more and noticed her physical
pain and appearance softening and healing

With every session, she’d be so excited, as more and more layers would peel!! I was so excited for her! and for me! 

It feels priceless to help others activate and use their built-in healing mechanisms!

She had more energy to play with her grands, even on the floor!! She would go to the doctor for check ins, but her everyday reality shifted, because now, she mostly doctors herself at home, or hollers for me!
Because as she would say- ‘You’re my doctor’.

💖WOW!! She chose to embody her true health and her health reflected that back to her.

It’s truly a priceless place to be!!

True Health is the Most Valuable Commodity

Foot pain, Asian woman sitting feeling foot pain at home, woman suffering from foot pain using hand massage to relax muscles from soles of feet
Cost of treatment, medicine, happy life without diseases concept. different pills lay on dollar bills symbolising high price on medicine


We'll Begin to Connect and Customize Your Home Healers Toolkit. You'll get to know the Fundamental Building Blocks for optimal health and wellness. We'll Get to Know Your Wellness, without Judgement, and See What Works and What Needs Fine Tuning.


Did You Know That Some Body Parts Can Take 30 Days to Several Months or Even Years to Fully Repair and Rebuild? That's Why We're Committed to Continuing the Immersion Process Towards Achieving Optimal Wellness.

Home Healers Toolkit

We'll Build a Personalized Home Healers Toolkit, and You'll Become an Empowered Home Healer, Using Natural Healing Solutions.


We'll map out the goals and initiatives you want to create. Addressing both short term and long term outcomes. 

Daily Life Choices

We'll apply the strategies, mindset, education and knowledge to making the best lifestyle choices that serves us.

Elemental Basics

We'll be looking at home health & wellness through the lens of natural remedies and solutions, rooted in Chinese Medicine. 

Ongoing Support

There's continued support with a wealth of resources, education, and information to help along your health & wellness journey! 


When we commit to intensive and worthy changes, we must constantly assess and reassess what serves our highest potential!

You are NOT your diagnosis. 

That is a pattern, and patterns change.

When you find the strategy best for you, it’s easier than you think!!



🌟5 Element Assessment
🌟 Microsystems Assessments (Face, hands, tongue)
🌟Nutritional Support
🌟 Herbal Solutions
🌟 Energy Medicine
🌟 Acupressure techniques
🌟 Meditation & Breathwork
🌟 Medical Qi Gong
🌟Stretching & Self-bodywork
🌟 Bio-Scan Energy Resonance Sessions

Hi, I'm Briana!

Chinese Medicine Practitioner I Educator I Mentor​

My hopes and intention is that you'll find freedom in your self-healthcare and untether yourself from the binds of emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, & energetic clutter.

I'm here to help you ignite, activate, and fine tune your Home Healer skills, using natural solutions, rooted in Chinese Medicine! So you can break up with the failed medical system, ditching as many synthetics as possible from your home, OTCs, and prescriptions!

You'll get a lifetime of accumulated natural health and wellness knowledge, from years of personal and professional experiences and be an active participant towards your daily health and wellness!!

Ready to Move Beyond Your Diagnosis?

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