Exploring the WOOD Element & Attuning to Your Liver

A 3 Month Series

Lean in, Listen, and tune into the Wood element & the natural medicine world.

By the end of this series, you will have a deeper understanding of how to listen to your liver for optimal health and vitality. So please join us on this journey of discovery and transformation of the wood element!

Elemental Basics

While this course is focused on the Wood Element, we'll learn the basics of the 5 Elements

Mood & Emotions

We'll examine the emotion and spirit of the Wood Element and the importance of a balanced relationship with emotions.

Liver & Gallbladder Care

We'll learn ways to support the Wood Element through nutrition, lifestyle, and herbal/plant remedies.

Daily Life Choices

We'll learn how to apply the education and knowledge to making the best lifestyle choices we can

Discover The Elements

Learn about your organ systems, through the art and practice of the 5 Elements and Chinese medicine.

Plant Medicine


Rhythm & cycles

Hormonal Support


A 3 Month Series

Let’s start exploring this journey of
self-discovery and transformation!


🌟We'll connect about all things natural health and wellness
🌟 You’ll design effective strategies towards your everyday wellness practices
🌟Q&As: Get answers! If I don't know-I'm happy to give you some direction


🌟Nutritional Support
🌟 Herbal Solutions
🌟 Energy Medicine
🌟 Acupressure techniques
🌟 Meditation & Breathwork
🌟 Qi Gong **Stretching & Self-bodywork
🌟 Microsystems Assessments (Face, hands, tongue)

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Learn to harness the power of the Wood Element to drive you towards a more fulfilling life. 

Hi, I'm Briana LAc, MSTOM

Chinese Medicine Practitioner I Mentor I Educator

Nature Lover. Advocate. Mom. Wife. Chinese & Natural Medicine Practitioner. Alchemist. Mentor. Educator. Entrepreneur. 

My hope and intention is that you’ll find freedom in your self-healthcare, using natural healthcare solutions. You’ll engage as an active participant towards your daily self-healthcare, using easy to use daily habits.

You can find me living by the earth, with my amazing tribe, in the mountains of WNC.

Discover The Magic Of Your Body

This 3 month series can provide the time and space necessary to make positive changes that support your overall health and wellbeing

Love Your Liver