1:1 Home Health & Wellness Analysis​

Gain Health Freedom & Ditch Your Reliance on Synthetics and the Broken Medical System!!

Tired of All The Medications, That Do NOTHING to Help Your Health Needs?
(though, let's be real, they're most likely adding a list of side effects!)

Join The Thousands of Others, Whom I've Helped Move Away From the Broken & Failed Medical System!!

90 Day Intensive is Ideal.
6 Months is Even Better.
30 Day Minimum to Start.

Are you Ready?

Set Yourself Up for Success!

I’ve spent 20+ years helping to educate and mentor thousands of patients and clients on the implementation of the HOW, the WHAT, the WHO, the WHERE, and the WHEN on all things natural wellness!!


Understand the Fundamental Building Blocks for Achieving Optimal Home Health & Wellness. We'll Get to Know Your World, without Judgement, and See What Works for You and What Needs Fine Tuning.


Did You Know That Some Body Parts Can Take 30 Days to Several Months or Even Years to Fully Repair and Rebuild? That's Why We're Committed to Continuing the Immersion Process Towards Achieving Optimal Wellness.


You've Bravely Moved Beyond Things That No Longer Serve You. You're Now an Empowered Home Healer, using Natural Remedies and Have Discarded Synthetics, as much as possible, in Your Home Health & Wellness.

Home Healers Toolkit

We'll Build a Personalized Home Healers Toolkit, and You'll Become an Empowered Home Healer, Using Natural Healing Solutions.


We'll map out the goals and initiatives you want to create. Addressing both short term and long term outcomes. 

Daily Life Choices

We'll apply the strategies, mindset, education and knowledge to making the best lifestyle choices that serves us.

Elemental Basics

We'll be looking at home health & wellness through the lens of natural remedies and solutions, rooted in Chinese Medicine. 

Ongoing Support

There's continued support with a wealth of resources, education, and information to help along your health & wellness journey! 


Often times, when we commit to intensive and worthy changes, we must assess and reassess what serves our highest potential! 

Let’s explore this journey of
self-discovery and transformation! 

The truth is, when you find the strategy best for you, it’s easier than you think!!



🌟5 Element Assessment
🌟 Microsystems Assessments (Face, hands, tongue)
🌟Nutritional Support
🌟 Herbal Solutions
🌟 Energy Medicine
🌟 Acupressure techniques
🌟 Meditation & Breathwork
🌟 Medical Qi Gong
🌟Stretching & Self-bodywork
🌟 Bio-Scan Energy Resonance Sessions

Hi, I'm Briana!

Chinese Medicine Practitioner I Educator I Mentor​

My hopes and intention is that you'll find freedom in your self-healthcare and untether yourself from the binds of emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, & energetic clutter.

I'm here to help you ignite, activate, and fine tune your Home Healer skills, using natural solutions, rooted in Chinese Medicine! So you can break up with the failed medical system, ditching as many synthetics as possible from your home, OTCs, and prescriptions!

You'll get a lifetime of accumulated natural health and wellness knowledge, from years of personal and professional experiences and be an active participant towards your daily health and wellness!!

Ready to Invest In Yourself?

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