1:1 immersion series

Harness Your Power using Rhythms, Cycles, & Patterns of the Elements

This journey is about the re-membering of what we know as the ‘self.’ At some point within our human suit journey, many get curious and ask the proverbial question…’Who Am I?’

You may realize you are a mishmosh of other people’s ideas, experiences, illusions, and agendas, all patched together. This is a natural life occurrence. We are experiential beings. We are a collection of light, sound, stardust and experiences, with our soul-ular being as the constant anchor within these human experiences. However, when you are not in coherence, you may find that you’re morphed into something that is not aligned with your soul-ular self.

You may feel like you’ve lost a lot of ‘your pieces’ along the way of living. You’ve given of yourself without boundaries. You’ve leaked and left pieces of yourself to other people, places, and events. You may have also taken on other people’s pieces and all that goes along with that.

I’ll help assist and guide, as you discover and re-member your pieces and innate blueprint. We’ll explore the woven relationship between our sacred body and nature. You’ll design a vibrant and most favorable version of yourself, using the knowledge and resources available!

My hopes and intention is that you’ll find freedom in your self-healthcare, through using natural healthcare solutions. I’ll help assist, as you untether yourself from the binds of emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, & energetic clutter.

You’ll engage as an active participant towards your daily self-healthcare, using easy to use daily habits. I can’t wait for you to get to know the power behind Asian Medicine and/or natural healthcare solutions and how it can benefit you and your loved ones!

Natural Life Solutions Mentoring
Nutritional Support
Herbal & Supplemental Therapy
Energy Medicine
Acupressure techniques
Meditation & Breathwork
Qi Gong
Stretching & Self-bodywork
Microsystems Assessments (Face, hands, tongue)
Bio-Energy Scans, etc.

What you get

Briana J. Sabaj, LAc., MSTOM

Join Briana, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, as she helps you to co-create your self-healthcare, using natural and sustainable life solutions. You can find her living by the earth, in the mountains of WNC.