Keeping Your Whole Self Healthy with Cupping Therapy

Ditch those synthetics and help yourself and loved ones move through the daily throes of life, using cupping therapy!!

Have Fun Empowering Yourself, As a home Healer!

Start applying this powerful and affordable remedy into your home wellness cabinet, today!!!​



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Everything you need to know about keeping your WHOLE SELF & whole family healthy with Cupping Therapy, Essential Oils, and the Art of Chinese Medicine!

Move Through The Family’s Throes Of Daily Living, Sickness And Ailments, With Confidence!


Keeping Your BLOOD & LYMPH Healthy with Cupping Therapy


Keeping Your GUTS Healthy with Cupping Therapy


Keeping Your IMMUNE SYSTEM Healthy with Cupping Therapy


Keeping Your KIDS Healthy with Cupping Therapy


Keeping Your LUNGS Healthy with Cupping Therapy


Keeping Your MUSCLES Healthy with Cupping Therapy


Keeping Your SKIN Healthy with Cupping Therapy


Hi, I'm Briana! LAc, MSTOM


This is one of TOP 5 favorite therapy practices! I use it everyday, in my clinical practice, as well as in my home!

Join me for a cupping therapy deep dive and empower yourself with this ancient and affordable therapy!!

You'll learn how you can use it to help improve your daily life, aches, pains, and your lymph flow!!

You’ll feel confident, knowing you have a simple, powerful and effective tool to help yourself and your loved ones, in your home wellness cabinet!

My hopes and intention is that you'll find freedom in your self-healthcare and untether yourself from the binds of emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, & energetic clutter.

Why Work Together?

We'll work together to develop natural and sustainable health-care solutions for your individualized wellness concerns, needs, and goals.

Connected Support System

From 1:1 immersive, individualized support to connective and collective community support.

Finding Your Health Freedom

Making sure people are feeling empowered on their home health journey, with confidence and enthusiasm!

Natural Healing Solutions

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Critical Thinking

Let's clean out the mental clutter, say goodbye to the brain fuzz, and unlock the power of thoughtful thinking!

Ditch & Switch

Empowering individuals to eliminate synthetic products for personal, home, and community wellness!

Rooted in Chinese Medicine

Enhance your well-being by aligning with the rhythmic patterns and cycles of the elements, rooted in the classics.

My Legs and feet feel amazing, super light! I love that. Definitely felt a lot of neck pops in the shower that night. Felt great!


Briana is a true healer. She has helped expand my knowledge on essential oils, which has been life changing. She also amazes me with her acupuncture techniques and how helpful these can be for overall health and pain relief. <br>Lastly, she is my absolute go-to gal for cupping! Briana is amazing at what she does and sincerely cares about her patients. Healer, teacher, overall a great person!


I've been working with my healer friend, Bri for a few years. She's helped me with so much, including achieving optimal health, helping with my menstrual cycles, epilepsy, headaches, and my overactive brain. She uses holistic healing. She has helped the trauma in my body find its way out, because as we know, we keep trauma in the body, especially after a big traumatic event. I'm so thankful!


“Bri has been helping me battle Lyme for years. Part of our lymphatic and detox protocol is cupping. Nothing seems to detox me and to get my muscles unbound better than cupping! You will look as though you’ve been attacked by a handsy squid, but I highly recommend it! “


By teaming up, we can improve your overall home health & wellness!