optimizing your daily living using the 5 elements

Harness Your Power with the Rhythms, Cycles, & Patterns of the Elements

  • We’ll explore and understand the woven relationship between our sacred body and nature
  • You’ll untether yourself from the binds of emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, energetic clutter
  • We’ll engage in life solutions mentoring, nutritional and herbal therapy, acupressure techniques, meditation and breathwork techniques, Qi Gong, stretching and self-bodywork, etc.
  • Design a vibrant and most favorable version of yourself, by letting go of chronic pain or recurrent health issue/s and finding freedom in healthcare
  • You’ll get to know the power behind Asian Medicine and/or natural healthcare solutions and how it can benefit you and your loved ones
  • You’ll engage as an active participant towards your daily self-healthcare, using easy to use daily habits.
  • Save $, while avoiding unnecessary sicknesses!! (Doc. visits, co-pays, high insurance premiums, unpaid sick days)

how does this work?

We’ll begin this exploration learning about each of the five elements; and how working with them can help optimize your everyday health and wellness! Together, we will design an individualized plan, to help empower you towards living your highest potentialized self! We’ll be incorporating Asian/Chinese Medicine and other natural wellness tools and techniques to address your whole-being!

These individualized and comprehensive online sessions are geared towards helping you become self-reliant, empowered, and confident with your self-healthcare!   

What you get

Let’s immerse in the Five Elements to help you to connect and reconnect to your body’s incredible healing capabilities, while helping you learn how to implement customized, simple, at home, daily strategies. 

continued support plans



Man with conceptual spiritual body art
We’ll continue diving deeper into your individualized holistic health and wellness exploration. To truly maintain and achieve optimal health, we must do the deep dive in order to re-calibrate at a cellular level.
Use your purchased hours, however you want! You can use them closer together or spread your sessions out, depending on what you’ve got going on!

Briana J. Sabaj, LAc., MSTOM

Join Briana, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, as she helps you to co-create your self-healthcare, using natural and sustainable life solutions. You can find her living by the earth, in the mountains of WNC.