Guiding the Self-Sovereign to Home Heal.

Embody Your True Health, without the Western Medicine Side Effects, using Personalized Chinese Medicine Solutions

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Home Health & Wellness Solutions

Harness Your Power with the Rhythms, Cycles, & Patterns of the Elements. Engage as an active participant towards your daily self-healthcare practices!

The Home Healers Toolkit

You're wanting personalized home health and wellness support, without the Western side effects, using natural healing solutions! We'll connect 1:1 and customize your Home Healers Toolkit.

Education and Courses

User friendly courses were created to promote accessibility to the powerful ancient traditions, in the comfort of your home!

Bio-Energy Resonance Scanning

A tool to assist in recalibrating your frequency, helping you to function from a state of aligned well-being.

Hi, I'm Briana! LAc, MSTOM


I'm here to help you ignite, activate, and fine tune your Home Healer skills, using natural solutions, rooted in Chinese Medicine! So you can move away from the failed and broken medical system, ditching as many synthetics as possible from your home, OTCs, and scripts!

My hopes and intention is that you'll find freedom in your self-healthcare and untether yourself from the binds of emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, & energetic clutter.

You'll get a lifetime of accumulated natural health and wellness knowledge, from years of personal and professional experiences and be an active participant towards your daily health and wellness!!

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Why Work Together?

Join the thousands I've helped to get off synthetics, OTCs, and scripts!!
We'll work together to develop natural and sustainable health-care solutions for your individualized wellness concerns, needs, and goals.

Connected Support System

From 1:1 immersive, individualized support to connective and collective community support.

Finding Your Health Freedom

Making sure people are feeling empowered on their home health journey, with confidence and enthusiasm!

Natural Healing Solutions

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Critical Thinking

Let's clean out the mental clutter, say goodbye to the brain fuzz, and unlock the power of thoughtful thinking!

Ditch & Switch

Empowering individuals to eliminate synthetic products for personal, home, and community wellness!

Rooted in Chinese Medicine

Enhance your well-being by aligning with the rhythmic patterns and cycles of the elements, rooted in the classics.

By teaming up, we can improve your overall home health & wellness!

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