30 Oils in 30 Days

Chinese Medicine Plant Theory & Essential Oils.

Come learn the basics behind Chinese/Asian Medicine and my favorite oils, that I use both personally and professionally!! 

I’m looking forward to sharing with you, how we can translate the properties of essential oils within the healing world of Chinese Medicine. 

30 oils in 30 Days
Chinese Medicine Plant Theory & Essential oils

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Plant medicine, Essential oils, and Chinese Medicine herbal theory!!  

These are some of my favorite learning tools and living resources, mish-moshed together! 

You’ll get to know the theories behind the therapeutic value of the oils, with a Chinese Medicine twist!! 

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Nature Lover. Mom. Wife. Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Educator. Entrepreneur. Renegade protector and advocate for our land, air, and water; speaking loudly for those who cannot speak for themselves.

My hopes and intention is that you’ll find freedom in your self-healthcare, using natural healthcare solutions. You’ll engage as an active participant towards your daily self-healthcare, using easy to use daily habits.  I’ll help assist, as you untether yourself from the binds of emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, & energetic clutter.

You can find her living by the earth, in the mountains of WNC



“Briana thank you so much for your dedication to sharing knowledge! I am learning so many new things”


“Acupuncture treatments are what guided me into the world of oils. Beautiful combo got me off my medication for seasonal sadness and hormonal mood swings. Love both.”

Interested in becoming a better cook?

I love sharing how you can use plant medicine, essential oils, and Chinese Medicine herbal theory!!