WEBINAR with Briana J. Sabaj, LAc., MSTOM

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Castor oil &
Chinese Medicine

With 20+ therapeutic recipes, you'll empower yourself at home, by adding this untapped home remedy to your wellness therapy cabinet!

Everything you need to know about castor oil packs & chinese medicine!

Let’s go back to our roots, using natural therapies!!
Join Briana J. Sabaj, LAc., MSTOM, in experiencing the beauty of using castor oil and essential oils, through the power and art of Chinese/Asian Medicine!!

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Briana J. Sabaj, LAc., MSTOM

Nature Lover. Mom. Wife. Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Educator. Entrepreneur. Renegade protector and advocate for our land, air, and water; speaking loudly for those who cannot speak for themselves.

My hopes and intention is that you’ll find freedom in your self-healthcare, using natural healthcare solutions. You’ll engage as an active participant towards your daily self-healthcare, using easy to use daily habits.

You can find her living by the earth, in the mountains of WNC.

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Patient Testimonials

A huge testimonial for the castor oil packs! It has given me solid BMs after just 2 weeks of use! I've been suffering from diarrhea for at least a year...wow!!”
Just love your book! I showed inflammation across my chest and armpit area 2 years ago when I did thermal imaging and used castor oil and vetiver eo on the area daily. 6 months later, at my next imaging, it was almost completely gone! I use it often on my liver and in other DIY products. Thank you Briana, for teaching me all about castor oil!"
J. H.
I love putting castor oil in my hair. It is extremely curley and frizzy. I have tried so many expensive products and castor oil is by far the best

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Castor Oil: Blending Chinese Medicine & Essential Oils

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